D-Day or, D is For…

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, and targeting the one that the whole world wants achieve, a new and slimmer version of yourself, I have decided to embark upon a self discovery journey. No, this is not the New Age kind of discovery but more of a personal convalescence. With this is mind today is D-Day, and I am not talking about the Normandy landing, in this case the D is for “Diet”. 


Right from the get go I want to make something clear, when I talk “diet” I mean an overarching care of your mental, physical and nutritional health, I do not mean cabbage soup eating, fad hopping diets that leave us feeling inadequate and like we will never achieve the size 8 figure of the model portrayed next to the “shed the Christmas pounds” column in the latest magazine. “Diet” to me means a bit of everything, a bit of exercise, making sure I am eating correctly (with a few extras here and there, after all I am only human), and ensuring that my mental health is in tip top shape as well, which is something easily missed, especially after the Christmas/New Year stress! Is is something rounded which ultimately means taking care of me is every way possible, while also having a bit of fun.


Along the way I am going to road test a few things with myself as chief guinea pig so of course you should come back and see how I get on. 


With that in mind I command you, and myself, to go and enjoy the last few hours of 2012, and come back tomorrow to see what 2013 is going to have in store.






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