Almost Day 2

Hi All,

I say “Almost” in the title as I haven’t got around to the workout yet today, in my defense it is my first day back at work. That 7:30am alarm was killer. Now, 7:30am may not be early to some of you but to me it’s hard work, I am not a mornings person and would rather get sweaty in the evenings to work off the anxieties built up through the day. Plus it helps me sleep!

As for yesterday’s workout, man can I feel it today! A bout of sneezes was followed by “oh, ouch” this morning as my abs let me know that I had done something yesterday! This evening may be a bit of a battle with sore muscles but we will see how I go..wish me luck!!

Here’s something for us all on a new fitness journey:


Tune of the day: Maroon 5 – One More Night. Check this one out folks, very catchy!



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