Hola Amigo’s!

I am feeling rather bright and cheery today, the sun is out, I have de-Christmasfied the house and feeling like we can really get this year rolling now! Workouts are going well, I’m still a bit achy but I think I may finally be getting used to it as it’s not as intense as it was a few days ago.

My last post mentioned motivation. This is something that I need quite a lot of. I need to have positive representations of what I’m trying to achieve around me otherwise I tend to become a bit disenchanted with the whole process and ultimately give up. This is something I have discovered over the years about myself, and I now realise what I need to do to keep myself going. I currently have a calendar, pinned to my wall where I do my workouts, the satisfaction of crossing out a day when I have done what I need to is enough motivation in itself, and although there is still a way to go I know that I am just that little bit closer!



I also have a love for the Health and Fitness page of Pintrest. If you haven’t had a look at Pintrest yet get yourself over there! Its an amazing site to while away an hour or so looking up your favourite things. Its a veritable delight of motivational images/sayings, food recipes, detox and exercise ideas and so much more. Its a true delight.

I also joined a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness club with a friend a while back. I do go mainly for the exercise, which is a mix of aerobics, Zumba, boxercise and toning to name a few, but also jump on the dreaded scales once a week just to keep myself in check. The instructors are so friendly and encouraging, and the people who attend the classes are so happy to be taking back control of their body and eating habits, its a fantastic support system. I have met some wonderful people, and being surrounded by like minded people is motivation enough not only for you but for them as well, we are a real “family” at the classes.

These are just some of my support systems which you could try but ultimately you need to find what works for you. Are you a visual person? If so stick up little notes to help you. They can go on the fridge to ask you “do you really need to be opening me?” or in the biscuit tin to remind you that the extra cookie isn’t really necessary. Pictures of what you are aiming for or motivational sayings around the house may help, but put them in the places you spend the most of your time, there is no point putting them somewhere you won’t see them!

Do you prefer to have people around you? If so join a group of like minded people, be it friends or strangers, you will propel each other through the tough times, and make some fantastic friends, or strengthen existing relationships. Are you more of a solo fitness finder? Put your headphones on and listen to motivational speeches perhaps, there are some fantastic audio books on the market which can give you the boost you need. Maybe you need to see change occurring? Chart your progress, there are so many apps and websites that will help you track your calorie intake, exercise levels and weight that will give you a blow by blow account of how well you are doing. I took my body measurements before starting my journey so as long as you are prepared to give yourself a bit of time to start losing inches this could be a fab way of your tracking progress, weight loss isn’t everything!

It may take a bit of time to find what works for you, but once you do, stick with it, especially on those days where you finding it especially difficult to pick yourself off the couch and make that little bit of effort. You know in the end it will be worth, have the end game in sight.

Don’t give up just yet, you know its in you somewhere!



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    Thanks this helps alot!!

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