A Quick Favour…

Hello All Lovely Followers,

I have a quick favour to ask. I have migrated my blog to the WordPress.org site as I am now self hosting so I wonder if you could please hop on over to www.thelbdiaries.co.uk and follow me over there instead.

I really value your comments and thus would love it if you could keep on following. The follow button appears in the bottom right hand corner. There is also the option to get the posts direct to your mailbox under the Subscribe menu if you prefer. Also all my funky social media is up and running so you can follow me in real time 🙂

I would hate to leave you behind as you have been so encouraging, and I would miss you!

Thanks guys!




  1. DesyreeOlveraPotts · · Reply

    just did 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

    2. Sorry, can I ask, did you click the follow me button, enter and email address and then confirm the follow through the email you received?

      1. DesyreeOlveraPotts · ·


      2. Ahh, you still aren’t showing as a follower on my new domain 😦

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