About Me

Blogger. High heel wearer. Lycra lover. Talker. Reader. Learner.

These are just a few of the ways I would describe myself. This year I am on a new journey into fitness, health and “harmony”. With a few deviations along the way into the worlds of books, fashion and cooking (some of my past times) I hope that I will be able to chart my progress on my weight loss, and toning trail, mostly to impress myself, but finally get myself back into the jeans I love, and stay there this time!

This blog will give me the accountability I need to keep going, as well as hopefully entertain the friendly readers out there in the cyber world. Comments are always welcome, as are tips and hints, and ideas for what you might like to hear me babble on about. Is there something I have touched upon that really interests you? Perhaps I can blog about it and we can get a discussion going, lets have fun with it!

Don’t give up folks, life is for living!



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